Top 10 Common Mistakes in Writing Essays

Top 10 Common Mistakes in Writing Essays

list common mistakes in writing essays

Do you actually know everything about how to write an exemplification essay? There are lots of common mistakes in writing essays, if you want to know about is so that you will going to avoid the next time you will write, here is what you need to do.

Knowing about it will help you to make a wonderful essay of your own based on a sample essay.

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Writing Mistakes Common

writing mistakesSpelling mistakes: Lots of spelling mistakes are about spelling. Lots of people are having a hard time with the correct spelling and it is what you need to avoid. You must need to know about the difference of rite, write and right.

writing mistakes sentenceSentence fragments: A sentence fragment is about missing a subject that is the thing doing the action or a verb that is the action. For this, it is better when you add a subject or verb to fragment when it is needed.

common mistakes in writing essaysSquinting modifiers: A lot of mistakes happen when using modifiers. A phrase, clause or word modifies word before and after it.

writing mistakes interrupterNo commas around interrupters: Interrupters break the flow of sentence in giving additional information. You need to put commas around interrupters in making clear sentence.

writing mistakes onlineNo comma after introductory phrase: Introductory phrase gives background information and followed by a comma.

writing mistakes wordinessWordiness: A sentence will become wordy when it uses many words than necessary in conveying meaning. Wordiness makes writing unclear that is why you need to avoid it.

writing mistakes misuseComma misuse: Compound subject uses conjunction in connecting more than one noun phrase.

common mistakes in writing essays agreementSubject verb agreement: Singular subjects require singular verbs and plural subjects need plural verbs.

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