Response Essay Sample From Professionals

response essay sample

response essay from professionalsFor students who will take university coursework, they are required to prepare in responding to reading materials effectively and responsibly. The summary response is a good way in helping them to get started.

Response Essay Sample: How to Write

Summary: The summary is a concise paraphrase of the main ideas. It is about citing author and title containing essay’s thesis as well as supporting ideas. It can use direct quotation or concise statements of author’s ideas. The fact is that it is not about citing author’s examples or about supporting details, unless it is the central or main idea. The summary should not exceed 1/3 of the work being summarized.
Response: The response is an evaluation or critique of author’s essay. It is about your opinions in relation to article that is being summarized. It is important to examine the ideas whether you agree or disagree. You also need to identify the weaknesses and strengths in logic and reasoning. To have a good response, it must be persuasive which means it should cite facts, personal experience and examples that supports or refutes the article you are responding to.

Format of Summary Response Essays

response essay samplePresent summary in block of paragraphs that will be followed by response in block:

  • Introduction and thesis
  • Summary: This should be 2 to 3 paragraphs.
  • Agreement or disagreement
  • Disagreement or agreement
  • Conclusion


Note: There are instances that the essay needs to incorporate both the agreement and disagreement in response. On the other hand, this is not a mandatory. So you can follow preferable essay format.

It is important to introduce your essay by using short paragraphs which include thesis. Each of the body paragraphs should summarize 1 point and you need to respond to it. Make sure that you will sum up your conclusion.

  • Introduction or thesis
  • Summary point one: Agree or disagree
  • Summary point two: Agree or disagree
  • Summary point three: Agree or disagree
  • Conclusion

Initial Research: What to do

In this stage, you need to think whether you will agree or not because this is critical to know. Make sure that you know what side you are before you start writing. Also, do not forget to collect all the details you need for your summary responses.

Difficulties in Writing

example of response essay from professionalWriting a response essay is not easy because you need to effectively present the best information that readers must know. It is also important that you take your time in writing and do not rush. You need to make a plan and set schedule on when you will write your response essay. Bear in mind that it is required by the university so doing your best in required. Give your best opinions and make sure that there are not any mistakes.

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