Persuasive Essay Samples: Convince Me Paper

persuasive essay samples

persuasive essay exampleWriting a persuasive essay is like presenting a case in the court. You need to stand on the issue you presented and ensure that you will present a strong argument. In writing the persuasive essay, you need to convince your readers to accept your point of view. There are a lot of sample essays, but you have to choose the best one.

Persuasive Essay Samples: How to Write

  • Choose a position: You need to pick an issue and to pick what side you want. Be sure that you can able to present arguments effectively with it.
  • Understand your audience: To write a good persuasive essay, you need to understand your reader’s perspective. Know whether the reader is inclined or undecided in favoring 1 side or the other.
  • Make a research: A good persuasive essay will be depend on convincing and solid evidence that is why you should not just rely on single source. You need to visit library, search the internet and others. Be sure to speak with teachers or community experts for more information. You need to take and make notes.
  • Identify the convincing evidence: In your essay, make sure that you will identify the convincing evidence and the key points for opposing view.

Format of the Essay

persuasive essay samples
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If you check out persuasive essay sample paper you will know what format that students have in their paper and you can use it as a guide in writing.

  • Create an outline: You need to organize your evidences in building strong argument.
  • Introduction: In here, you need to get the attention of your readers by using a hook. You also need to provide an overview of your argument and to close it with a thesis statement revealing your position.
  • Body paragraphs: Each of your body paragraphs must focus on evidence and it is essential to give enough supporting information.
  • Opposing view paragraph: In here, you need to describe and refute key points of the opposition.
  • Concluding paragraph: In this section, you need to reinforce and restate your thesis as well as your supporting evidence. Also pay attention to the length of an essay.

Initial Research for the Persuasive Essay

In the initial research, you need to make a plan on what sources you will get in supporting your claims and presenting evidences. You need to visit the library, talk to teachers and search the internet to get the details that you need. Also, in the initial research it includes searching for persuasive research paper examples.

Difficulties in Writing

It is not easy to write a persuasive essay because it must be detailed.

persuasive essay examples

A persuasive essay will be easy to do if you gather enough resources for your position and you get more evidences to support your claims. If you want to persuade your readers, be sure that you have strong evidence and point. If you want to make sure that you have an effective essay to submit, you need to start early so that you have more time to edit and review your essay.

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