Outstanding College Essay Samples

college essay samples

outstanding college essay samplesCollege essays are required for students and it is important that the write it effectively and to supports their claims, opinions or perspective. To know more tips in writing the essay, here are some.

Formatting Help and Guide

  • Margins: The margins should be one inch in all sides
  • Each line of your paragraph must be double spaced
  • Use Times New Roman
  • For essay format it will be better to use font size of 12

The heading of your essay must include your complete name as the first heading to be followed by the name of your instructor. Below it, you need to write the subject name and subject code. Do not also forget to include the date of submission.

College Essay Writing Help

  • Be concise: Sometimes there are word limit for essays and it is suggested that students should follow it. In writing, they need to be concise and to give only good information.
  • Be honest: Depending on the question or what essay you are writing, you need to be honest all the time. You will feel better if you present correct details to your readers.
  • Be an individual: Ask yourself on how you can distinguish yourself from others.
  • Be accurate: You should not waste the time of your readers and it is better that you present accurate details. Value their time because your instructor needs more time in reading other essays.
  • Be vivid: Give some details in helping the readers to see your setting. Doing thing will allow the readers to assess you and to think that you are exerting effort in writing.
  • Be controversial: There are many essays that do not stand out and you need to set yourself apart from them. In your essay, you need to be controversial.
  • Straight to the point: Always keep the sentences simple and short. Keep in mind to use action voice as much as possible because it will make the sentences to have strong impact and to communicate with your readers effectively.
  • Understand the topic: In writing, you need to know your topic well. Do not discuss pigs when your topic is about cat food. To know if you keep yourself on the track, go back to each of your paragraph and ask yourself if your next paragraph in connected to the other.
  • Show connection: Your sentences must have connection. If you cannot do it, it just means poor writing. With that, you need to start with a good idea, expand it and provide proper conclusion.

college essay samplesInitial Research: What Needs to Be Done

Since college essays require a research, you need to search the internet and gather all the information, evidences, samples and others that you need for your essay. Do not also forget that you need to make notes on whatever you have researched. You can also check out some college application essay samples to help you. There are essays online that you can search for a guide on how to write a great essay for college.

Difficulties in Writing the Essay

Struggling to get started
Not enough time

Searching for essay samples for college online will help you and you should do it. Also, do not forget to read your essay before you submit to check it for mistakes.

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