Our Argumentative Essay Sample

Our Argumentative Essay Sample

Why Do You Need an Argumentative Essay Sample?

argumentative essay sampleAn argumentative essay is one within which you will research and evaluate all of the evidence to support a specific argument and present it in such a way as to support your thesis on the topic. This can be difficult style of essay to write, especially if you are asked to write in support of a topic that you yourself do not support. But if you fail to write your essay well your grades could suffer significantly and that is something that you will not want.

Writing an engaging and well written argumentative essay is difficult, either due to the subject area of the essay itself or maybe just due to the time that is required. Either way looking at an example or argumentative essay writing can help you with your assignment.

How Do You Use Argumentative Essay Examples?

argumentative essay examplesWith most curriculums following a fairly strict format the essays that you are tasked with writing are fairly well known and you will often be able to find an argument essay sample that actually answers the task that you have been set. However copying such an example would be a significant mistake and lead you open to charges of plagiarism and could even see you expelled from your course. Never use an example to copy no matter how tight you may be for time.

Best argumentative essay example should only be used for ideas as to what areas you should cover and how your own essay should be structured and formatted. They are often great for showing you exactly how your essay should look and providing you with the inspiration to develop your own particular arguments in support of the topic.

Evaluating a Sample Essay

Argumentative Essay SampleNot every example that you find online is actually good, many have been thrown together quickly and would actually get very poor grades. So you do have to carefully judge and evaluate any sample that you do see. The following are just a few questions that you should ask yourself about the sample as well as providing you some guidance with your own argumentative essay writing:Does the opening sentence grab your attention and make you want to read on?

  • Is your thesis or argument clearly stated within the first paragraph and does it reflect the title and the assignment that was set?
  • Does the second paragraph contain a single idea in support of your argument?
  • Is your supporting evidence clearly in support of your argument and from a respected source?
  • Have you correctly cited the source of the evidence within your paragraph?
  • Do subsequent paragraphs also have a single idea in support of your argument as above?
  • Does the final paragraph summarize all of your evidential paragraphs showing how they support your initial argument?
  • Does your final paragraph contain any additional evidence? All evidence in support of your argument should be in your main body not within the conclusion.

We Can Help with Your Argumentative Essay

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