How Would You Have Celebrated Christmas in Medieval Times?

christmas in medieval times

christmas in medieval timesHistory had it that Christmas in the Medieval times was different from what it is now. During those times, the Church ensured that it was a religious celebration for Christ’s birth not only a day for giving gifts. Here are other facts you might want to know about this day and keep in mind for your art history essay.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Gift giving during the Medieval Ages took place between individuals with legal relationship, such as property owner and tenant. But other people also gifted each other little or small gifts, including honey, figs, coins and pastry.

medieval christmas

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Medieval Christmas Facts

  • Cristes Maesse was the first word used to describe Christmas. It appeared in a book in 1038 in Saxon England.
  • Christmas of 1066 was when William the Conqueror was crowned as the new king of England. Because of the loud noise, the guards outside thought something bad were happening to the king. They went inside, attacked the people and many houses were burned down.
  • Carol singers were banned within the premises of the churches during these times.
  • In 1223, a crib was used by Saint Francis of Assisi to narrate the Christmas story to the locals.
  • In the Medieval times, December 28 is Childermass Day or Holy Innocents Day. It was the time when King Herod ordered that children less than two years old should be killed. Years passed, the day was considered as a bad luck by many; in fact, Edward IV didn’t agree to the idea of being crowned on that day.
  • Turkey wasn’t the main dish at the tables in Europe, certainly. It was only in the late 15th century when America got to Europe. During those times, the rich would have had goose, or swan but with permission from the King. And if woodcock was available and be caught, they would also be served at the tables.

There you have some cool facts and trivia about Christmas in the Medieval Ages that you might want to know about and maybe use when writing history essay for yourself.

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