How to Write an A-Grade Exemplification Essay in 2 Hours?

exemplification essay

Many applicants are struggling in writing a good exemplification essay because of many factors, including limited time or lack of knowledge in essay writing, or even lack of sample essay.  To learn the best ways on how to write an exemplification essay, check out the following.exemplification essay

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Writing a Good Essay in Just Two Hours

  • Identify the essay topic: Choosing the essay topic depends on some few parameters. It ranges from a certain topic instance whether you are free to choose your own topic or there is already a topic that given by your professor. Now if you can choose the topic, focus on the type of analysis whether specific approach or general overview.
  • Outline your ideas: The outline will help you write the final paper. Write your topic and then the ideas you’re looking to expand later.
  • Design the thesis statement: Thesis statement will help telling readers about the subject of your essay. Here, emphasize on the topic as well as its purpose.
  • Write the body: In your introduction, highlight the main ideas in your opening paragraph to be followed by supporting ideas. It is advisable to leave 3 to 4 lines in between every point before finalizing your essay. When you are done, fill in those gaps with important and relative information.
  • Write the essay’s introduction: Make sure to attract readers in your introduction by emphasizing the essay’s focus. Start with attention grabber sentences with shocking details, story, quote or dialogue.
  • Make the conclusion: The main focus on your conclusion is to summarize the main ideas and give the essay a comprehensive closure. You can write four sentences in the conclusion section.
    Proofread and edit your essay.

Elements of a Research Paper


  • Topic: Describe the topic
  • Set the scene: Describe the environments and conditions
  • Introduce and describe the problem: Be sure to describe what your intentions in arguing and showing about the subject are. You also need to illustrate the problem with examples.

Start defining these terms, vocabulary, and concepts

  • Review the Literature
  • Develop the hypotheses
  • Methods
  • Findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations



Good Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Should tobacco and cigarettes products be outlawed?
  • Is drinking age appropriate?
  • Do medical marijuana benefits justify legality?
  • The political correctness hypocritical nature
  • Should corporations be given personhood?
  • The gun control necessity
  • The online education advantages and disadvantages
  • The product role of modern movies
  • Mass media violence and its impact on the social media

Steps in Writing the Research Paper

  • Choose the subject.
  • Narrow the topic.
  • Start the objective.
  • Create the preliminary bibliography.
  • Prepare your working outline
  • Begin taking notes
  • Outline the paper
  • Write the rough draft
  • Edit
  • Write the final draft

While this list is not exhaustive, we hope it provides you with enough information to get started and well into completing your assignment!