How to Use 5 Paragraph Essay Format Right

how to use 5 paragraph essay format right

how to use 5 paragraph essay format rightWhile it is important to know about the paragraph essay format, you need to know it correctly and practice essay writing. The fact is that the format is seldom used by professional writers because it is commonly assigned to students and helping them to develop and organize their ideas. Using a sample essay is also a helpful way in completing an essay.

5 Paragraph Essay Format to Follow

Title of essay

I: Introduction: It talks about the background information that is about the interesting facts, rhetorical questions and statistics.

Thesis statement: Write the sentence in full, which include topic, controlling idea and three aspects or focal points.

II: Main idea or aspect number one

  • Supporting idea number one
  • Example or detail
  • Supporting idea number two
  • Example or detail

III: Main idea or aspect number two

  • Supporting idea number one
  • Example or detail

IV: Main idea or aspect number three

  • Supporting idea number one
  • Example or detail
  • Supporting idea number two
  • Example or detail

V: Conclusion: Restatement of thesis or summary of aspects and outlook for future or recommendations.

There you have it a good guide in writing an essay for you. It will be a good sample for you so make sure to follow it when you are writing a 5 paragraph essay. Knowing it is very helpful for you so ensure you clearly understand it.

how to use 5 paragraph essay structure

There you go the things that will help you in getting started to write.You can also check some how to write an effective essay tips if you want. It is what you need to remember so that you will never commit mistakes.

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Tips on How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

This is a good method to start with, since it’s basic and straightforward and incorporates the main elements in its basic structure:

how to use 5 paragraph essay format

It is often best to start with a brief outline by writing a tentative thesis statement that addresses the topic or prompt. Try to come up with an interesting, original perspective on your topic, and word the thesis so that it reflects it. Think of any examples you can use to show your points about the topic. These examples may come from your learning or from personal experience. Each example should have some clear connection to your central idea.

Keep in mind:

  • The wording needs to concise and clear.
  • Write the essay in the second person perspective (you).
  • Write a thesis statement and have topic sentences for each paragraph.
  • A successful essay will have the important points emphasized, will be factual and not subjective, and have valid information.
  • Conclusions can restate the argument, summarize your facts, or give the next step needed to further the research.
  • Keep your writing concise and brief.
  • Each paragraph should cover one topic and each sentence should present a new idea.
  • Use transitory words and sentences to make your essay flow smoothly. Connect sentences with words like: however, for example, or such as. Connect paragraphs by having the topic sentence refer back to the preceding paragraph or the thesis statement.

Use our 5 paragraph essay format right as a guide and submit an A+ essay!

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