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practice essay writing tips

practice essay writing tipsIf you want to know and practice essay writing, you need to know what are the things you need to do and to avoid. Keep in mind that writing is never an essay job for everyone because there are people who are struggling in practicing writing. To have an easy job, here is what you need to do.

How to Practice Essay Writing Tips

  • Know your weaknesses: If writing is not your favorite subject, then you need to dwell with your weaknesses. You need to conquer about your weaknesses or you need to test your skills so that you will not struggle. You need to check out all your essays and comments of your teacher, you need to read and remember it. If there is a comment about the placement of punctuations, then you need to deal with it. You need to see a sample essay and make a good research about the perfect rules in placing punctuations.
  • Focus on essay structure: Essay structure is an essay guide you need to remember. You need to be focused about your essay structure. There are secrets that you need to know and you need to understand. You need to learn about the five paragraph essay structure because it is a requirement and it will help you. It is a good habit when you know about the habit of outlining the proper structure of essay when you start writing. It is better when you start practicing with one. You need to give yourself at least one hour in a quiet room and think what you will do.
  • Research: One of the things you should not forget in practicing on making a good research. One of the comprehensive guide that you should not forget is about to make a good research because it will be your help.

When you are having a hard time practicing in writing, do not worry because there are guides that you can follow 5 paragraph essay format tips you can use in order to enhance yourself and avoid common mistakes in writing essays. It is better when you make an outline or do a research so that you know all the things you should do.

 5 Writing Common Mistakes

  • Spelling mistakes: Lots of spelling mistakes are about spelling. Lots of people are having a hard time with the correct spelling and it is what you need to avoid. You must need to know about the difference of rite, write and right.
  • Sentence fragments: A sentence fragment is about missing a subject that is the thing doing the action or a verb that is the action. For this, it is better when you add a subject or verb to fragment when it is needed.
  • Squinting modifiers: A lot of mistakes happen when using modifiers. A phrase, clause or word modifies word before and after it.
  • No commas around interrupters: Interrupters break the flow of sentence in giving additional information. You need to put commas around interrupters in making clear sentence.
  • No comma after introductory phrase: Introductory phrase gives background information and followed by a comma.

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