GRE Essay Sample – Issue and Argument

gre essay sample

gre essay sample issueGRE essay is about writing analytically and critically. It is about assessing your ability in articulating as well as supporting complex ideas, evaluating arguments and constructing arguments. In the essay, it will not assess content knowledge.

GRE Analytical Writing Sample Essays: How to Write

You can check out a lot of example essays, but keep in mind that you should spend much time in preparing for the GRE writing.

  • Review strategies: Before you start to write your GRE essay, it is important that you review all strategies in writing it. The guidelines will help you a lot because you get ideas on what you must do. You no longer need to worry.
  • GRE essay sample: If this is your first time to write the essay, do not worry because there are gazillions of samples on the web that you can find. The samples will be your help because you will know how other students crafted their paper.
  • Scoring guides: In writing, you need to read the scoring guides to know where section you need to concentrate on or to know the points that will be given.
  • Budget your time: There is time limit for GRE essay writing that is why you need to budget your time. Make sure that within that time you can already present all the issues or think what responses you will deliver.
  • Save few minutes: You need to save some minutes to edit or proofread your mistakes. Even though occasional grammatical or spelling mistakes will not affect your score, persistent and serious mistakes will lessen the effectiveness of your essay.

gre essay sampleWhat to Do in the Initial Research

In searching, you need to make notes or jot down the information you must know. Be sure that you get enough information that you need for your essay. Do not waste your time; instead use it wisely to present an effective GRE essay.

GRE Writing Samples: The Format

  • Issue: With this, you need to analyze or respond to the general statement. Make sure that you essay is related to politics culture or education. Do not forget that you need to take a position on the complex topic. In here, you need to make a response wherein you will discuss the extent on whether you disagree or agree with the statement. You need to give explanations to your reasoning. In supporting and developing your position, explain how you shape your position
  • Argument: Be sure to dissect the logic behind a position. In here, you need to make a response on where you discuss specific evidence that is needed in evaluating the argument. You also need to explain how the evidence will strengthen or weaken your argument. In here, it asks the person to dissert logic behind a position wherein it will be provided in paragraph.
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Initial Research What to Do

gre writing essay tipDifficulties in Writing

You have difficulty to write if you do not know what to do or write. Sometimes students have a hard time to get started because they lack information and advice on what they must do. Also, they are late in writing their essay which makes it hard to complete because they do not have enough time.

In writing, it is suggested that you at least know GRE issue essay sample to have a guide. Start earlier in writing your essay.

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