Corrected APA Essay Sample

apa essay sample

The APA or also known as American Psychological Association is a guide for students in writing their essays and it is commonly used by universities. It has formatting guidelines and citation rules to make sure to submit a professional standard of paper.

apa essay sample

Writing APA Essay

  • Focus: You need to focus in writing to know what information you need to include. Make sure that you addressed all the details needed that your instructor is looking for.
  • Read instructions: In writing, you should read the instructions given the instructor to know what you should follow and what you need to avoid. APA is a professional standard for the academic integrity and to do the right thing, you must read the instructions.
  • Research: If you need more information about your writing and example essay is not enough, then researching is what you need to consider. It will help you to gather enough evidence and details. It will give you more details that you can include in your paper.
  • Start early: Writing as soon as possible will give you more time to think what you still need to include and what you should remove. It will also give you more time to proofread or edit your paper.
  • Sample: It is important to check APA essay sample because it will give you more ideas on what you should do and write. There are many samples on the internet that you can search to get the help you need.

apa format essay sample tips

What to Do in the Initial Research

Gathering more details is what you need to do in the initial research. You also need to read more books, articles or search the internet. Also, you need to get ideas as much as possible to craft an outstanding essay.

APA Format Essay Sample: Formatting Guidelines

  • Title page, page numbers, and running head: The paper must need to include a title page with shortened version of the title, in capital letters and labeled running head. The title must be in full and centered.
  • Font: 12 point and use times new roman.
  • Margins: You need to use one inch margins and you should not align your right margin.
  • Line spacing: Double space
  • Indenting: In each paragraph, you need to press the Tab key once.
  • Section headings: This is required for instructors wherein students must need to use headings in their essay in highlighting new sections. Capitalize all the words except for articles.

Difficulties in Writing

Try to avoid common mistakes in writing essays. If you are rushing, you have a hard time to write and if you are not ready and gather enough information, you cannot complete writing your essay that is why it is suggested to start early as much as possible.

The APA essay is not easy to do if you do not know what you should do, but with some tips and pieces of advice, you can start right away. Just make sure that you have enough evidence and sources in completing your essay.

If you are ready to write and you checked out APA essay sample, then you can begin writing today!