9 Comparison Essay Topics That Will Wow The Reader

comparison essay topics that can wow the reader

comparison essay topics that can wow the readerWhat Is a Comparison Essay?

A comparison essay, or comparative essay, or comparative analysis, compares two or more things. This often includes an element of contrast, too. There is another type of essay called a contrastive essay that consists only of contrasts. Either way, the point of a comparison essay is to show how things are similar. Think of it as “versus”: Julius Caesar vs Abraham Lincoln, for instance. Here is some comparison essay help you can use.

Comparison Essay Ideas

These nine fascinating topics will get you well on your way to an essay that people will really want to read. We’ve given you broad categories with examples – play around and find other choices too!

  • Empires: Han vs Roman or Greek vs Byzantine, just for instance. There are many empires in history – how do their tactics compare?
  • Political leaders: Compare two famous leaders of your country. Two dictators from two different countries. Two beloved leaders from two different time periods.
  • Time periods: The Victorian Era vs the modern era. Late Medieval vs Early Medieval. You can even do it geographically across the same time period – what about feudal Japan vs medieval Europe?
  • Education styles: High school vs college. Homeschooling vs. traditional schooling. Tests vs homework – which one’s most helpful for learning?
  • Films: Two different films – an original and a remake. Two films influenced by the same tradition (think Dracula vs Twilight). A classic film and a modern film with a similar subject. Two movies with the same lead actor.
  • Books: Two books by the same author late and early in their career. Two books in the same genre. A book that influenced another. Even, if you’re daring, book vs movie adaption.
  • Music: Two artists in the same genre, two artists in different genres who have commonalities, or two completely different movements that influenced each other or have surprising similarities (how does baroque compare to rock?)
  • Cultural constructs: This one’s a little abstract, but think about beauty standards, gender roles, and youth-elder interactions. What’s a beautiful Japanese woman look like compared to a beautiful American one? What makes a Brazilian vs German man “masculine”?
  • Technology: The classic Mac vs PC or Apple vs Android? Sure, and how about laptops vs tablets? Earbuds vs headphones on sound quality, too.

Choosing Topics for Comparison Essay

So now you’ve got what is a comparison essay and can choose your topics. How do you choose them? It’s easier than you might think. The main thing is to go with what you feel drawn to. If you’re bored, your audience will be bored. Choose a topic that you think you’ll really enjoy writing and want to research. Of course, if you’re really having trouble, never hesitated to reach to someone for assistance. An outside perspective can help a lot!

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