50 Original Argumentative Essay Prompts

50 Original Argumentative Essay Prompts

argumentative essay promptsOne of the challenges when writing a persuasive paper is finding a topic to talk about. It’s not really surprising that some students will feel at a loss as to what to discuss in their essay but the good news is that there are best argumentative essay prompts that are worth looking into online.

Argumentative Essay Prompts to Consider

  1. Is climate change made by man?
  2. Is the election process in various countries fair?
  3. Is death penalty really effective?
  4. Should torture be acceptable or not?
  5. Are colleges putting a lot of stock on standardized test scores?
  6. Is playing the lottery a smart idea?
  7. Is getting a paternity leave recommended for men?
  8. Are curfews effective in keeping teenagers away from trouble?
  9. Is society becoming too dependent on computers?
  10. Does our country have a fair tax system?
  11. Is cheating spiraling out of control?
  12. Should smoking cigarettes be banned globally?
  13. Are parents completely unaware of the predators online?
  14. Are CTV cameras an invasion of privacy?
  15. Should animals still be used for research?
  16. Is our society considered to be a throw-away?
  17. Are smart phones dangerous?
  18. Are kids’ behaviors better or worse today?
  19. Can the school’s competency be measured through the test scores of their students?
  20. Should the government have any say to what people should be eating?
  21. Are athletes and actors paid too much?
  22. Can teen pregnancy be prevented by access to condoms?
  23. Do CEOs receive too much payment?
  24. Does having easy access to condoms cause bad, dangerous, and irresponsible behavior?
  25. When is the right time for parents to allow their teens to make decisions?
  26. Are behavior problems caused by violent video games?
  27. Should biofuels be forced on racing industries?
  28. Should public schools be taught creationism?
  29. Should the military be allowed to recruit high schoolers?
  30. Do you consider beauty pageants to be exploitive?
  31. Does age really matter when in a relationship?
  32. Should English be the main language in the US?
  33. Do you think girls should ask boys out?
  34. What age do you think is appropriate to go out on a date?
  35. Are there any benefits to attending a single-sex school?
  36. Do you think gay couples be allowed to wed?
  37. Do you think competitions are good?
  38. Should the government provide its people with health care?
  39. Do you think teens can avoid trouble when they play sports?
  40. Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?
  41. Do you think college admissions are too competitive?
  42. Do you think being bored can lead to trouble?
  43. Do you think the cost of going to college is expensive?
  44. Do you believe that religion can cause war?
  45. Is doing homework good or bad?
  46. Do you think fashion is important?
  47. Do you believe that girls are quite mean to one another?
  48. Should the allowable age for drinking alcohol be decreased or increased?
  49. Should companies also market to children?
  50. Is man doing his part in saving the earth?

How to Choose Good Argumentative Topics?

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