3 Ways for Writing an Expository Essay

3 Ways for Writing an Expository Essay

Why Do You Need Help Writing an Expository Essay?

writing an expository essay Expository essay writing is not something that is easy to do and many people find themselves struggling with understanding what expository actually means. In short it is an essay that gives information to the reader that is not clouded by the writer’s opinions. It may compare, discuss, analyze, or tell a story but the main focus is to explain the facts. During your time in school, at all levels you will be asked to write many expository essays, in most cases a subject will be selected for you, but not always.

Writing expository essays or argumentative essay writing require you to spend some time doing research, whatever the subject is, your essay must always be factual and not supporting your own opinions. To help you, we have provided 3 different ways for you to write your expository essay with some further tips as to how they should be written.

What Are the Different Ways of Expository Essay Writing?

Whilst in general expository essays are written using the 5 paragraph format, the way that you organize or structure your essay is generally left up to you to choose depending on the subject you are writing about. These are:

  1. Compare and Contrast.

This approach to expository writing involves discussing the similarities and differences between people, places, items, or events. In order for you to write using this structure, you must be able to identify ways in which at least two or more things are the same and the ways they are different, without showing any bias and keeping it in an informative tone.

  1. Cause and Effect.

This approach should be used to effectively show how one event leads to another. It’s not necessary for only one cause, outcome or result to be present in this style. As long as the facts are all given, you can explain how many events can be the result of a single cause, or how a single event can be caused by a number of differing factors.

  1. Descriptive.

An expository essay written in this structure goes into a lot of detail in describing a topic. The main idea or subject is presented and characteristics, examples, and evidence are provided to help the reader fully understand what has been written.

Perfectly Writing Expository Essay

Use tips on writing an expository essay. Expository essays should generally be written using the 5 paragraph format, although if writing a complex expository essay that’s more than 3 or 4 pages in length then it should be more than 5 paragraphs but the format will still remain the same:

  • Introductory paragraph. The first paragraph of an essay should introduce the essay topic. It should create interest and your main ideas and how they will be presented within the body of the essay. The introduction should consists of three main elements:
    • Hook. The first sentence of an essay should catch the reader’s attention.
    • Building sentence. This should provide background information to give readers some context about the topic.
    • Thesis statement. This presents the essay topic and your position on the topic. It also indicates the main ideas that will be discussed in the essay.
  • Body paragraphs. Generally consisting of three paragraphs. Each explains in detail one of the main ideas expressed in the thesis statement:
    • Topic sentence. This expresses the topic and provides a controlling idea about it.
    • Supporting sentences. Explain and develop the topic sentence. They present logical thoughts, evidence, and explanations.
    • Concluding sentence. Finish with a concluding thought on the topic and transition to the next paragraph.
  • Concluding paragraph. This ends the essay by reviewing the main ideas from each of the body paragraphs and leaves the reader with a final thought. The conclusion consists of three elements:
    • Restated thesis. Different words from those in the introduction.
    • Summary of main ideas. Each of the body paragraphs are summarized as a Reminder.
    • Final thought. Should leave a strong impression and encourage the reader to think further about the topic.

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